Services and Infrastructure

Basic services and infrastructure libraries.

Repo Description
iden3js Javascript client library
go-iden3 Go implemenation of the iden3 system
tx-forwarder Implementation of server that pays gas on behalf of user signed transactions for specified smart contracts in ethereum blockchain
discovery-node Decentralized discovery protocol implementation
notification-server Implementation of a notification server to push notifications to user identity wallets

Zero Knowledge Proof

zkSNARKs related utilities.

Repo Description
circom zkSNARKs circut compiler
circomlib Circuit libraries implementedin in circom
snarkjs zkSNARKs Javascript implementation (setup, proof, verifier and witness generation)
websnark A fast zkSNARKs proof generator written in native Web Assembly


Miscellaneous utilities.

Repo Description
wasmbuilder Javascript library to simplify writing Web Assembly code